Should You Buy Social Media Followers 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you’re promoting your business on social media platforms, it’s challenging to make an impact on a very saturated market. When you have big dreams to achieve, it’s only natural to want to take a shortcut to speed things up.  Buying likes and followers on social media can be tempting, especially if your profile is […]

A Good Story Sells - Here are Ways to Tell Yours

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no secret that a good story sells. As a solopreneur, it’s essential to begin your blogging journey with a story that your core audience can relate to attract the right people and build a strong brand.  What is storytelling, and how can it help build a strong brand? The heart of every successful marketing […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Got an impeccable sense of style? Love expressing yourself through the clothes you wear? If you live and breathe fashion, you’d made a great fashion influencer! Being a fashion influencer allows you to experiment with different styles and possibly earn a decent income online. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with top fashion […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes To build a personal brand successfully, you need to stand out. It’s daunting when you don’t know where or how to start but with a willingness to try new things and find out what works for you and your audience, you can transform a small business into a successful brand.  It takes hard work and […]

rookie mistakes in building personal brand

Reading Time: 5 minutes When you’re promoting yourself – as a personality and/or as a business – you’re telling your story; you’re revealing parts of yourself to appeal to a greater audience.  A personal brand exists whether or not you’ve created it for your business. Every piece of content you put out there is infused with your unique personality. […]

Signs Your Business Looks Unprofessional

Reading Time: 4 minutes When marketing a business, you want to put your best foot forward to make a great impression on prospective clients. But that’s easier said than done when people have become more perceptive of the way they see brands online. We are visually driven creatures and what we see affects how we perceive things, including online […]

Kajabi for Your Coaching Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kajabi is best known as a membership and course platform, but the service offers more than that! It provides an array of tools that will build and elevate your content to take your online business to greater heights!  If you’ve always wanted to use Kajabi to start a coaching business, you’ll find plenty of ways […]

Marketing Strategies to Invest Time in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes The new year brought changes, and your business should always go with the flow to keep up! 2023 is full of recent social media trends, fresh Google algorithm updates, and alternative forms of content. If you want your business to make an impact in today’s changing business landscape, you and your marketing team should start […]

Sincerely Elaine Travel & Lifestyle Blog Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sincerely Elaine is a travel & lifestyle blog ran by the wonderful Elaine. She came to us looking for a fun & clean site design for her new blog. This was a super fun project as she wanted to incorporate her South African roots with her husbands dutch roots. We achieved this by sketching up […]

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