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Whether you've got a couple of ideas, a comprehensive bible of layouts, designs, and copy, or you haven’t got a clue where to begin, at Gillian Sarah, we can give you support at every single step.

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Semi-Custom FAQ

With your semi-custom experience, you select one of our pre-designed website templates from our collection. We will replace all the copy and images with what you have provided in the shared folder, and we will alter the colours and fonts to match your branding. The template layout will stay the same, but we can tweak elements to make it truly yours.

what is semi-custom?

We use the platform Showit for all of our semi-custom launches. It's a super user-friendly drag and drop platform that is easy to navigate once we get you up and running. So any future changes you will be able to manage yourself. You will need a Showit subscription for this, we will set it up together on day 1 of your experience.

What platform do you use for this?

No worries, once I learn a bit more about your business, I'll make a few suggestions to help you narrow it down. Remember it's the layout that's important, as we are going to change all the colours and images.

I don't know what template to pick!

No worries at all. If you already have a logo then of course we can use it throughout your project. If you have any other branding please send it to us before the project begins and we can make sure to include it all. If you have specific colour codes, let us know the numbers so we can match them exactly throughout your website.

I already have a logo

Not at all. If you wish to build your website yourself you can head on over to our template store, purchase a template and do it all at your own pace. We've got a full video playlist to walk you through everything if you've got the time to dedicate to it.

Do I have to hire you to do this?

We have found this process works amazing for photographers, bloggers and coaches (and many other businesses!). I would not recommend this for businesses with large online stores, or anyone who wants custom features coded into their website. Our custom package would be so much better for that.

Will this work for me?

With your fully-custom experience, we build your website from a completely blank canvas. We structure it directly for your business so it suits your needs exactly. We out lot's of time and effort into selecting very specific fonts and colours that compliment you and your brand perfectly. We tweak every single detail to make sure it just what you need.

what is fully-custom?

Not a problem at all! We research you, your content, and your target market, so we have a fantastic idea of what will work really well! 

I don't really know how I want my new website to look

This is yet to happen with any of our blogger clients, but we will always work with you to create something you love. If you don't like where something is headed, just let us know and we will switch it up until you are totally in love with it!

what if i don't like what you design?

We do have a handy content guide to help you out with this. However we realise not everyone is up for this task. We have an in-house copywriter that can assist you, just let us know before your project begins and this can be added in for you.

Do I have to write all of my website content?

Fully-Custom FAQ

General FAQ

We understand a new website can be a large investment. Which is why we offer interest free payment plans for all of our products. With the semi-custom option we offer a 3 month payment plan, this will have to be paid off before we begin. For our fully custom options we offer a 6 month payment plan, this does not have to be paid in full before you launch.

Tell me about payment plans

As we work mainly with influencers, we do not accept unpaid partnerships. However we do have a referral policy in place where you get a commission for every client you refer to us. A lot of influencers make back their investment at their launch through promotion of their new website.

i have a large following, can we collaborate?