A Custom Website That Makes Everyone Who Lands On It Instantly Fall In Love With You.


Because when you’re ready to fully stand out online, a website designed to show off you and your personality is the very best way to go.

What You Want

What You Don't Want

A website that makes it easy to promote yourself, gain new followers, get brand deals, and make passive income.

A rickety drawbridge of a website that—when forced to share with clients and followers—makes you wince.

You’re already well aware that having a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, and packed-with-personality blog is vital for an enjoyable online experience.

But right now, your website is making accomplishing those things impossible. Every time you go to make a change or upload a new blog post, you’re worried about breaking something. You can’t get anything to look the way you want it to—nowhere near how good your Instagram looks. And sometimes you can’t figure out how to edit any of it at all.

(It’s not your fault, some website themes really do make it utterly impossible.)

You have great content to share, but it's trapped inside a website that you and your followers don't love spending time on so no one is even seeing it.

A) You’ll love

Why Not Let Us Take Away All of Your Website Woes?

No more time spent hunched over your computer, trying to figure out how it’s possible to have a domain but no website, or trying to mix and match colors and fonts in a way that doesn’t look like a Frankensteined mess.

When you work with us, we’ll do everything for you. And no matter how much or how little you have to start out with, the end result is always the same—

B) Your audience will love

C) Will help you make passive income, bring in brand deals, and gain followers

A website that:

It's our speciality.

The Signature Gillian Sarah Experience


Because cookie-cutter won’t cut the mustard when you’re trying to convey your essence, passion, and personality to your audience—only a personalized approach and a custom website can do that.

Custom Website and Blog Design to Springboard You to New Heights.

  • A built-from-scratch Showit website
  • Showit set-up
  • WordPress blog set-up
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Basic SEO
  • Favicon designed, set-up, and added to the site
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • Live Instagram feed integration

While each project is custom, the package always includes:

The end result? A website that turns visitors into followers, has brands reaching out to work with you, and feels so true to who you are that you can’t wait to share it with the world.


We ACTUALLY mean it.

When we say we’re here every step of the way…

Not only will you have a dedicated team member that’s with you from brainstorming your design to celebrating your successful launch, but we also offer additional support for anything else you may need. Add on as much or as little as you’d like.

online store


Email Marketing


Media Kit

An online shop so you can sell your products directly through your website.

Colors, logos, and fonts designed to represent your personality and brand.

Your PDF designed, and your email platform and workflow set up so you can grow your list.

Professional copy so every page has the perfect words that keep your audience engaged.

Beautifully branded materials to help you secure more partnerships.


*45 days between launch and receiving this message

Investing in a custom website is the way to do it.

If you're ready to expand past social media

Instead of...

You could...

Only having one platform that people can find you on

Competing with billions of other users to even have your content seen

Constantly having to adjust your content to keep up with unpredictable algorithm changes

Get in front of entirely different audiences with a website that brings in new traffic

Have an online space dedicated only to you and what you want to share

Make the kind of content you enjoy, knowing your audience will be able to find it

Pouring time into content only to have your stories disappear after 24 hours and your posts get buried

Not having brands take you seriously because you don’t have a professional website

Have a blog where content lasts for years, creating a new stream of passive income

Be taken seriously by brands that Google you and see how credible you are thanks to your website

The Six-Step Process

1. Questionnaire + ClickUp

After you’ve selected the different parts of your custom package, you’ll fill out our questionnaire and get set up on Click-Up—a program we use that allows you to leave comments and see everything we’re designing as we design it.

2. Research

We’ll look through all of your accounts, research competitors, and get to know everything about your business. You won’t need to do anything during this part!

3. Brand Tone

Next we’ll create a color and font palette that showcases your personality and brand, resonates with your audience, and matches your great content.

4. Wireframing

Now for the fun part… creating your one-of-a-kind website! First, we’ll work on your desktop version and then we’ll design the mobile version. So many people view websites on their phones so we pay extra attention to perfecting that side of your site. After you’ve approved everything, we’ll move on.

5. Technical To-Dos

We’ll link up your domain, get your Instagram feed(s) and LTK widgets up and running, and sort out your SEO so your website can be found on Google. Once everything is connected your site is ready to go live!

6. Video Playlist

We won’t hit publish and run away, but we will send you a video playlist that covers how to edit and update your website—and it’s yours forever. Whenever you’re ready to launch, you can use the graphics we designed to help promote it. We’ll be right here, celebrating with you, and if you need anything in the future, we’re only an email away.

After working with us, you’ll...

Have a professional online presence that big brands take seriously.

Stand out from your competition with a website that matches your personality perfectly.

Give your content a longer lifespan with a blog that brings in passive income.

Have a beautiful online space designed for desktop and mobile.

No longer have to rely only on social media because your website brings in new traffic.

Finally feel comfortable making edits and updates to your own site without any help.

Right for you if:

Not right for you if:

You produce beautiful, high-quality content

You have a genuine passion for what you do

You value having a website that showcases your personality

You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

You’re not willing to put in any effort or work

You’re unwilling to give constructive feedback if you don’t love something we design

Even if you’re just starting out, you have a strategy behind everything you’re doing

You’re serious about starting a blog and turning your blog into a business

You might start a blog, but will probably give up on it three weeks later

You think you know everything already and aren’t willing to trust our expertise

You already have a blog and are ready for the design to be as good as the content

let's get started

An amazing website with a beautiful blog and another stream of income?

You know which choice is the right one.

Or you can wait, do it in 2 years, and find yourself wishing you hadn’t waited and had just done it 2 years ago.

Thank You

we will be in touch shortly

We use Showit, a super user-friendly drag-and-drop platform that integrates with Wordpress and makes editing easy so you won’t need us every time you want to make changes. You’ll need a Showit subscription, but we’ll set it up together during your experience.

What platform do you design on?

Of course. As a design team who works with influencers and bloggers, we know how important affiliate marketing is—affiliate links are welcome and encouraged!

Will I be able to add affiliate links?


We know that a custom website can be a large investment which is why we offer a 6-month interest-free payment plan for our signature experience. This does not have to be paid in full before you launch.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Since we offer add-ons to help with most of what you need, very little is required before you start. If you’re selling a product or want photos of you on your site, you’ll need to have the photos taken before we work together. That’s about it! If you’re looking for help with your written website content, we have an in-house copywriter, just let us know before your project begins and we’ll add it on for you.

Is there anything I need to have to start working with you?

No worries at all. If you have a logo or any other branding (like colors and fonts), just share it all with us before the project begins and we’ll use your branding throughout your website.

I already have a logo.

Yes! We offer semi-custom design using a template from our template shop or you can purchase a website template and edit it on your own.

Are there any other ways to work with you?