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Julie Goin Homes

Julie came to me in search of some personal branding. She currently works for a real estate company in New York and is looking to branch out more on her own and build her own business.

She was looking for a design that was professional, but not in-your-face real-estate, no pushy sales designs. We have gone for something that is not only elegant, but also trustworthy.

Caitlin ott

Caitlin Ott is a Newborn Photographer based in Derby, Kansas. Her images are possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Caitlin came to me in search of a whimsical branding and web design, something she can use along side her photography that will compliment it instead of overpowering it.

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Duly Noted

Galynne came to me in search of a professional, yet trendy brand. As she works in finance she has to keep it professional, however she wanted her personality to shine through.

So here we have it, Duly Noted - Virtual Bookkeeping Solutions. A clean gold, white and gray design with a hint of teal to add some personality.

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