Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the easiest ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. Imagine earning real cash from affiliate sales weekly; it’s a great side business!  While there are many platforms to try and earn passive income, nothing comes close to Pinterest in terms of ease of use and efficiency. With 445 million active users worldwide, […]

Kajabi Online Course

Reading Time: 4 minutes Creating online courses on a topic you specialise in is an effective way of making money online. Apart from growing your community, you provide valuable information to your subscribers through your online courses.  But if you’d like to earn more from your content, you must provide extra value. By adding more value to your online […]

How to Become a Fashion Influencer Through Blogging 1

Reading Time: 6 minutes Content creation is a vast industry, and if you want to get a piece of that profitable pie, there is no better time to start building your reputation as a fashion influencer than today. Your love for fashion can quickly become a lucrative business by becoming a style influencer.  What is a Fashion Influencer?  A […]

Blog Ideas

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you running out of blog ideas? As a blogger, it’s normal to go through different seasons of creativity. There are days when your head is practically bursting with ideas, and then there are days when you feel like your brain’s broken. You can’t think of a single thing to blog about! Yikes! You’re not […]

Features to Use for a Growing Coaching Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is Dubsado for coaches? Absolutely! Although Dubsado is not marketed exclusively for coaches, it has some of the best features for a coaching business. The life of a life coach can be hectic so it’s nice to know that there are time-saving tools like Dubsado to make your work processes infinitely easier.  With this platform, […]

Set Up a Successful Newsletter on Flodesk

Reading Time: 4 minutes For some, email marketing may seem like an outdated strategy, that no one wants to buy from businesses that send sales and marketing emails. We beg to disagree.  Results do not lie: people buy from brands they trust. If you’ve been dutifully building a trusted brand, subscribers will always look forward to your email messages. […]

Healthy Work Routine To Stay Focused Online

Reading Time: 3 minutes The internet is chock full of distractions. If you haven’t been managing your time well while working, you might waste minutes, hours, or even days on online activities that aren’t related to your growing business. A healthy work routine and the ability to hone your focus will help you finish things on time, even with […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes To become a successful marketer, you must make the most of your time spent working. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you could be juggling multiple tasks at once, thinking you can get more done. Multitasking can actually hurt your business. It can lower the quality of your work and cause burnout.  You can’t afford […]

A Good Story Sells - Here are Ways to Tell Yours

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no secret that a good story sells. As a solopreneur, it’s essential to begin your blogging journey with a story that your core audience can relate to attract the right people and build a strong brand.  What is storytelling, and how can it help build a strong brand? The heart of every successful marketing […]

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