Reading Time: 4 minutes Ready to design your first landing page? A landing page’s design must be compelling so users will click the link and read the page in its entirety. And when you’re designing a landing page, you’re not just considering the aesthetics. It should highlight your brand statement to convert readers to customers.  If you’re on Showit, […]

show it seo

Reading Time: 6 minutes Showit is a website builder known for its beautiful, on-brand templates that require no code to set up. The platform gives content creators absolute creative freedom over the website design and layout with its easy drag-and-drop feature. Because of its valuable features and attractive templates, Showit has become a favourite among lifestyle bloggers, influencers, and […]

Life By Leanna Showit Blog Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apart from building a brand identity, you have to be very hands-on with your website design to create a memorable brand. You can go the fully customized route, but designing a website from scratch can be downright overwhelming if you have a lot on your plate. Not to mention the price of a fully customized […]

passive income with Showit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Building an engaged community through blogging is hard work, and if the opportunity to monetize your blog ever presents itself, grab that opportunity and make the most out of it!  Earning passive income on your Showit website is a great side hustle, and once your brand has grown, it’s entirely possible to earn more than […]

Add your insatgram feed to your showit website

Reading Time: 5 minutes Still not adding your IG on your Showit website? You are missing out on MORE page views and follows. Here is a quick and easy guide to adding IG to your website.  With 1.074 billion active users, Instagram (IG) is one of the top social media sites globally. And this figure is expected to grow […]

Showit + WordPress: The Best Platforms for Your Blogging Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did you know that you can combine the power of Showit and WordPress?  What’s better than using a powerful platform to guarantee the success of your business? How about TWO powerful platforms to start your solopreneur journey, right? On its own, WordPress is a powerful blog site builder. It’s one of the most SEO-friendly too! […]

How to Add a Shop to Your Showit Website via Shopify Lite

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can you sell digital or physical products on Showit? Does Showit has an e-commerce platform? While Showit does not have an e-commerce site at the moment, it lets you use third-party sites like Shopify to sell digital and physical products.  If you are using Shopify lite and want to know if you can use it […]

5 Powerful Showit Features You Need to Know as a Solopreneur

Reading Time: 3 minutes While social media is a great way to attract potential leads and build a following, you still need a website to present your business. As a solopreneur, a website gives an air of professionalism and the design says a lot about who you are, what you do, and how you do business. Because your website […]

Embed Flodesk Inline Form Showit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Embedding a Flodesk inline form on your Showit website takes only a few minutes. Do it today using this guide and start growing your email list right NOW! We’re huge fans of Flodesk because it’s one of the best email marketing platforms on the market. No more boring email templates. With Flodesk, you can create, […]

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