Keeping Up with Important Dates with Dubsado Scheduler 1

Reading Time: 5 minutes If taking calls and meetings every day is a part of your business process, you’ll need a dependable scheduler to set appointments. This goes especially if you’re into coaching; if you keep missing appointments, you will lose a customer’s confidence.  Client management platforms like Dubsado have a built-in scheduler, which you can customise and post […]

Here are creative ways to get the most out of Canva 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes Content creators use Canva as a photo editing tool or generate creative layouts for engaging social media content. But the app has so much MORE to offer! Canva isn’t just reserved for solopreneurs, bloggers, or influencers; it can be used for creating aesthetic-driven content of any kind, even content for personal use and not so […]

How to Get More Customer Reviews 1

Reading Time: 6 minutes Our daily buying decisions are often based on positive customer reviews. Think about it – most of us check out customer reviews before we purchase at any store. We pore over product or service reviews online, comparing how many stars businesses got on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy before making a purchase.  Customer testimonials are a […]

Dubsado Client Portal 5 Tools to Upscale Your Business 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes You know how much we love Dubsado because of its many features. If you’re on Dubsado, you know how easy it is to streamline your workflows and automate a host of administrative tasks on the platform.  Dubsado’s proprietary tools let you build and maintain strong client relationships, manage projects of any size, provide the best […]

Quick Website Design Updates to Make on Your Own 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes When was the last time you updated your website design? No matter how beautiful your website is, it’s important to tweak the design regularly to attract more readers and improve user experience. You’ll get a positive first impression from new readers, boosts interest from regular readers, and develop a stronger online presence by making quick […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nothing beats working from home – it made life easier (and more productive!) for solopreneurs, digital nomads, office folks, and busy bloggers (mom bloggers, travellers, etc.)  Working from home means you don’t have to travel to the office, you can work without dealing with meddling co-workers, and you have lots of quiet time and all […]

What's the best kind of business to use Showit 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m convinced that Showit is one of the best website platforms on the market right now. The service is available in three different plans, a basic website, Showit + Basic Blog, and Showit + Advanced Blog. You can upgrade and downgrade your subscription plan anytime.  Subscription plans: Whatever plan you choose, we’re sure that you […]

The Importance of Customer Onboarding 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to make every customer feel like a VIP? Providing a pleasant customer experience starts with a defined client onboarding process.  A structured customer onboarding process is valuable to your business’ overall framework. It can literally make or break a business. Besides increasing revenues, deepening client relationships, and boosting promotions, a defined onboarding process provides […]

Grow Your Business and Increase Revenues by Upselling and Cross-Selling 1

Reading Time: 5 minutes When juggling so many things as an entrepreneur, you have to make the most out of your time as possible to generate revenues. You’re spending a lot of time developing new products, prioritising important tasks, managing existing customers, and attracting new customers.  Thankfully, you can use many automation tools and business management platforms to boost […]

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