How to Create the Perfect Contact Page For Your Website

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your contact page is one of your website’s most popular webpages for a reason. It’s the place where interested clients go to check your contact details. That’s why it’s critical to present your contact information in the best way possible to encourage more prospects to reach out to you. An attractive contact page will provide […]

Setting Up A Custom Email Address With Gmail

Reading Time: 3 minutes Part of building a memorable brand is to create a business email. If you love the functionality and familiarity of Gmail, you can configure this platform for emails. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how. A custom email address is one way to build a stronger brand. There’s nothing wrong with using your personal email but […]

5 Awesome Pinterest Marketing Tools For Bloggers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pinterest is one of the best places to promote a blog site and to get the most out of the platform, here are the top 5 marketing tools every blogger should get! Back in the day, Pinterest was known mostly for pinning boards related to one’s passions and was primarily attracting women. These days, however, […]

How to Update Old Blog Posts and Boost SEO

Reading Time: 3 minutes Got a lot of old blog posts that you’re hoping to use for SEO? You can give old content a new lease on life and generate MORE site traffic. Here are ways how! As you know, blogging lets you optimize your website using relevant keywords and helpful content. This way, your readers could find your […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes Showit and WordPress, two powerful platforms that let you create the website of your dreams. But used together? The possibilities are endless! You can use Showit as a hosting service and a website builder while leveraging WordPress’ user-friendly navigation and SEO-centric features for your blog site. Both platforms play so well with each other. In […]

Quick Tips On How To Organize Your Business Using Trello

Reading Time: 3 minutes A team management platform like Trello is an excellent tool for organising all your tasks and assignments in one place. But how do you maximise this powerful platform to grow your business? Here’s how! Are you looking for a simple yet intuitively-designed project planning and management platform to grow your business? While there are so […]

Ways To Start An Online Store Using Showit

Reading Time: 2 minutes The beauty of managing an online business is that you can do it anywhere as long as you have a strong internet connection. You can market your business on a worldwide stage and reach people that you might not otherwise reach with a physical store.  Another great thing about selling online is that building an […]

How To Put Ads On Your Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you thinking about putting ads on your blog? Why not? It’s a great way to earn passive income from your hard work. And adding ads on your blogs is so easy, here’s a step-by-step guide on how! If you’re thinking about starting a blog site or you’d like to grow your blog, you might […]

How To Boost Your Website SEO Using Alt Text

Reading Time: 4 minutes Unless you’re new to blogging, you’ve probably heard of alt text. What is the alt text, and what purpose does it serve? How can you use alt text to boost your SEO? Find the answers and more by reading this guide! In SEO, the text that appears when you hover over an image is called […]

A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting A Blog With Bluehost

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thinking of building your own blog? Bluehost is one of the most trusted blogging platforms in the business. Creating your one Bluehost-powered blog is easy too! Here’s how. Thinking of starting your own blog? Congratulations! Blogging is a terrific way of connecting with your website viewers while also earning $$$ on the side. There’s no […]

Effective Ways To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thinking of growing your blog and building your email list? If you’re starting, you know how challenging it is to get your first 100 subscribers! And the problem is, there is so much info about the dos and don’ts of growing an email list that it’s hard to know facts from fiction. What to do? […]

How to Get Accepted into Rewardstyle

Reading Time: 3 minutes One does not simply walk into LTK (previously RewardStyle), that’s for sure! If you’re wary of joining this super exclusive affiliates program for fear of being denied, try these tips! If you’re big on blogging, then you probably heard of LTK. It’s an affiliate program that offers bloggers small commissions off products bought using their […]

The Complete Guide to Creating a Brand

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is branding and where to even start? What makes a brand popular? How do we build a history with a brand, and how do people associate certain design elements with a specific brand?  Nike has its “swoosh” logo while McDonald’s has its golden arches. Coca-Cola is known for its distinct typography, while Mercedes-Benz’s star […]

Lead Magnet Delivery Techniques Using Flodesk

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lead magnet delivery can be a pain if you’re not using the right platform. Enter Flodesk. I love it and I know you’ll love it too! Here are lead magnet delivery techniques to try using Flodesk! Switched to Flodesk recently? Congratulations, you’re using one of the most powerful email marketing platforms in the business. If […]

Free Showit Template

Reading Time: 3 minutes Showit takes the guesswork out of building and maintaining a website. Here are the reasons why I made the switch to Showit! Thinking of redesigning your website? There are literally hundreds of website builders to choose from, including the trifecta: WordPress, Shopify, and GoDaddy. But if you’re tired of the same old-same old and you’re […]

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