Quick Website Design Updates to Make on Your Own 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes When was the last time you updated your website design? No matter how beautiful your website is, it’s important to tweak the design regularly to attract more readers and improve user experience. You’ll get a positive first impression from new readers, boosts interest from regular readers, and develop a stronger online presence by making quick […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ready to design your first landing page? A landing page’s design must be compelling so users will click the link and read the page in its entirety. And when you’re designing a landing page, you’re not just considering the aesthetics. It should highlight your brand statement to convert readers to customers.  If you’re on Showit, […]

Nourishing Amy Recipe Website

Reading Time: 3 minutes The whole process had my brand at the very core and that you want my website to success as much as I do. You really have brought my website dreams to life and made my website a million times better than I had even dreamed of within the budget. You are a design queen! Amy […]

Robbins by the Bay Showit Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes You are the best! Not many designers listen to your needs and wants, but you go beyond this scope! Connie – Robbins by the Bay I wish I was as brave as Connie from Robbins by the Bay. She has just launched her new blog so you can follow her journey as she rebuilds her […]

Dream Consult Flourish Showit design for a retail consultant & interior designer

Reading Time: 3 minutes I love how Gillian approaches her work and how she brings her energy as well as great patience into her work with her clients Tina Palmer – Dream Consult Flourish We are so excited to share the new website we’ve created for Tina! Tina is a retail business consultant and interior designer. She knew what […]

Carolyn Covington Wine & Lifestyle Showit Blog Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes Communication was spot on and Gillian really nailed down what I wanted for my design! Carolyn Covington I am thrilled to share the new blog design for Carolyn Covington, a wine expert and travel / lifestyle blogger. Turns out Carolyn is living my dream life! Traveling all around the world sampling different wines. Sign me […]

The Uncharted Gypsy Blog Launch Showit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gillian was so patient and dedicated to ensuring the blog was designed, exactly to my specifications. Nikita – The Uncharted Gypsy We’ve worked long and hard to create a perfect blog for The Uncharted Gypsy! The site layout is sleek, modern, and user-friendly. As a responsive website, we want it to be accessible on all […]

House on Louise Meadow Custom website blog design on Showit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Charity of House on Louise Meadow reached out to us a while ago, and we’ve been so excited to work with her ever since. She wanted a unique design for her new blog. Since Charity is a home decor & DIY blogger, we knew it was important that the design of her website reflect the […]

Feminine Blog website design created on Showit platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s here! The new blog design for SOCIÉTÉ is live and we are so happy with the clear, clean look it has. In the last month, we have worked hard to find a modern but timeless design that puts the content in focus and here it is! The latest project over at Gillian Sarah has […]

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