Creating Effective Social Media Calendar

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is a social media calendar, and how can it improve your online marketing campaign? Here are reasons why you should create a social media calendar right now. How was life like for busy entrepreneurs before the social media calendar became a thing? Gone are the days of uploading content manually; you can now streamline […]

Why Customer Reviews are Essential

Reading Time: 3 minutes For most customers, the process of buying anything online involves minutes, hours, even days spent reviewing every detail about the product before making a decision. Customer reviews have become such a vital resource for businesses because 91% of millennials turn to online reviews to make online purchases. Of that percentage, 90% of online users say […]

Things You Can Do When Business Is Slow

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are days when you’re so busy dealing with clients left and right and days when everything’s quiet. It’s normal to experience an ebb and flow when running a small business. As an entrepreneur who’s still making a name for yourself in your niche, you’re still working on achieving a more stable stream of clients […]

Using Kajabi as a membership website

Reading Time: 4 minutes If one of your goals is to build your tribe online, creating a member-only website should be prioritised. What is a membership website, and why should you make one? Is it a profitable venture? What are the benefits of creating an online community? In this guide, we are dishing out reasons why now’s the best […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Side hustles are all about the Benjamins. So, what use are they if you aren’t getting paid on time? Luckily, there are plenty of game-changing tools for people like us who want to maximize our cash flow and do it quickly.  When you’ve got a side hustle, you need to rely on your own skills […]

personal blogs vs lifestyle blogs

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s never too late to join the blogging game and earn some coins! Back in the day, blogging was no different from a diary – it’s an emotional outlet for many people. People used to blog about their day, their gripes, and whatever was on their minds. These days, blogging is used to cover a […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your website is critical to how you communicate yourself. When it comes to the variety of components associated with a website, there are an infinite number of possibilities to ensure that you communicate your business and your brand. Colour is one of those things that is something that many may not necessarily consider having a […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are many ways to earn passive income as an influencer, but one of our favourites is still LikeToKnowIt (previously RewardStyle) Unless you’ve been living under a rock, LikeToKnowIt (LTK) is the OG shopping discovery platform first popularised by influencers of yore. It’s a great place to earn passive income by promoting clothes, makeup, home […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetise your blog. But let’s face it, affiliate links are too long and full of numbers that they tend to look out of place in your lifestyle or fashion blog. Thankfully, there are ways to personalise blog links, so they don’t become an eyesore on your website or […]

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