5 Things You Should Do To Every Blog Post After You Hit Publish

Reading Time: 3 minutes After hours of researching, writing, and editing, your blog is finally ready for publishing. You excitedly hit the “Publish” button, and now, your blog post is live on your website, ready to be read and loved by your followers. The job’s done, right? Hardly. Unless you’re blogging for fun and not for business, there are […]

7 Essential Pages Every Website Needs

Reading Time: 3 minutes A website should have seven essential pages. Miss one, and you might end up jeopardizing your business. Here’s our list of the vital web pages all websites should have. Building a website for your business? Finally! Bet you can’t wait to grow your business on the global stage! But wait, what web pages should you […]

5 Common Mistakes That Make Your Brand Look Unprofessional

Reading Time: 3 minutes Watch out! Your website might have common design mistakes that make your brand look unprofessional! Find out what branding mistakes to avoid to make your website look every bit as professional as you’ve envisioned it.  No business wants a website that looks unprofessional, but certain branding mistakes can make a website look outdated, disorganized, or […]

How to Boost Traffic to Your Website Using Pinterest

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can you use Pinterest to its fullest to generate more leads and grow your business? Here are traffic-generating tips that you should try on Pinterest right NOW! Pinterest has changed so much over the years. The platform now works as a search engine for images. If you’re a long-time Pinterest user, you know that […]

Setting Boundaries in your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sync Business and Home Schedules Juggling business and home life are tricky, but as long as you’re getting honest with what needs to be done, it’s possible to reconcile your schedules for both! List down all the housework and business tasks that you have to do in a day.  For family time, outline specific times […]

Why Setting Boundaries is Important For Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Feeling burned out or anxious at work? If you are struggling with your work-life balance, it’s time to draw the line. Here are reasons why setting boundaries is vital for your business. Let’s talk about setting boundaries to restore your work-life balance. Most of us are now working from home and while it’s a joy […]

6 Ways to Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral

Reading Time: 3 minutes Despite its massive potential, Pinterest remains underutilized by many businesses. To boost the chances of your pins going viral, try these tips! Pinterest is best known for creating mood boards, but hey, the platform is no longer limited to hobbyists looking for photos to pin. It’s now a bonafide search engine, and if you haven’t […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some days you’re raring to go. Other times, you can barely complete a single task. It’s normal to feel out of sorts sometimes because we’re only human; our moods change at a drop of a hat. But if procrastinating keeps you from taking your business to the next level, you have to do something about […]

How to Enhance Your Client Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes Part of building a successful and trusted brand is providing excellent customer service. A positive client experience helps attract more business opportunities and build a loyal following. Your business will definitely thrive when people are singing praises about your business’ impeccable client experience.  Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially if you’re dealing with […]

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