How to Develop Your Brand Voice

Reading Time: 4 minutes Building a successful brand requires a lot of writing. You need to write a compelling copy on your website, engaging emails to your subscribers, and attention-grabbing shoutouts on social media. In between these writing tasks, you have to write a blog, create product/service descriptions and branding materials.  Whew!  Because it takes a lot of writing […]

Top Five Showit Features You Should Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes Still on the fence about Showit? Showit is one of the best website builders in the business and we’ll tell you exactly what features will benefit your business the best! You know we have a soft spot for Showit. It’s one of the best website builders in the business, and it works seamlessly with third-party […]

How to Avoid a Cluttered Website

Reading Time: 2 minutes Online users are very visual-oriented so a cluttered website will put off a lot of people. Here are ways to clean up your website design and maintain an attractive aesthetic.  A cluttered website makes the eyes itch, doesn’t it? Apart from being an eyesore, a website with too many things going on could put off […]

She Gave It A Go Home Influencer Showit Website

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am super excited to show off the “She Gave it a Go” blog redesign for Brendt Blanks, a home and lifestyle influencer. Brendt came to us after seeing a fair few of our designs out in the wild. We instantly loved her style and knew we wanted to work together. We wanted to give […]

How To Build Trust With Your Website

Reading Time: 3 minutes The trust factor is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. By building trust, you can compel your target audience to either make a purchase or work with you. Here are ways to build trust with your website. A trusted brand builds a loyal following because of the positive history between your business and […]

How to Beat Writer's Block

Reading Time: 3 minutes Blogging isn’t just for bloggers, and writing isn’t just for writers. If you’ve been steadily growing your viewership (and sales!) through blogging for some time now and you feel like you’re running out of ideas to blog about, you’re experiencing writer’s block. Don’t worry; this is completely normal! It can be frustrating when you have […]

5 Things You Should Do To Every Blog Post After You Hit Publish

Reading Time: 3 minutes After hours of researching, writing, and editing, your blog is finally ready for publishing. You excitedly hit the “Publish” button, and now, your blog post is live on your website, ready to be read and loved by your followers. The job’s done, right? Hardly. Unless you’re blogging for fun and not for business, there are […]

7 Essential Pages Every Website Needs

Reading Time: 3 minutes A website should have seven essential pages. Miss one, and you might end up jeopardizing your business. Here’s our list of the vital web pages all websites should have. Building a website for your business? Finally! Bet you can’t wait to grow your business on the global stage! But wait, what web pages should you […]

The Bledsoes Photography Website Launch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Did you know we offer “design days”? Usually, these are just to our existing clients for updates, but sometimes we’ll take on a few others if we just “click”. Michelle from “The Bledsoes Photography” was one of them! She came to us a few months ago looking for a blog page redesign, and to be […]

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