Why TastyPins is a Must-Have for Bloggers!

Why TastyPins is a Must-Have for Bloggers!

  1. […] A great tool we use to add “hidden Pinterest images” in blogposts for pinning is Tasty Pins, this lets everyone who saves the post pin the correct Pinterest images. Find out more here! […]

  2. […] Pinning directly from your blog is almost effortless with Tasty Pins. Tasty Pins was designed for easy pinning among food bloggers, but it’s so much more than that! It gives you better control over your pins, allowing you to customize the image specs, descriptions, and hashtags for better SEO. Best of all, this tool lets you create a separate description for Pinterest while keeping the alt-text optimized for Google. Find out more about Tasty Pins here! […]

  3. Alan W says:

    I was particularly impressed by the author’s ability to capture the essence of this tool and its impact on enhancing the overall blogging experience. The article’s unique perspective showcases the value of TastyPins in optimizing the visual appeal and discoverability of blog posts through stunning and customizable Pinterest pins. It’s refreshing to read such a positive and well-written article that sheds light on a valuable resource like TastyPins, providing bloggers with an effective solution to drive more traffic and engagement to their content.

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