Setting Up Double Opt-In Confirmation Emails in Flodesk

Setting Up Double Opt-In Confirmation Emails in Flodesk

  1. […] marketing simple then I would still start here as it’s free. Sign up, create a list and then create some opt-in forms for people to leave their email address. If you have a freebie you can add this to your welcome […]

  2. […] opt-in form serves as the invitation for website subscribers to sign up for your online community. You […]

  3. Thank you! I followed these steps, however my newly designed + branded versions that I created will not send out to my subscribers. Instead, they get a standard, design-less opt in form and confirmation. Any idea why? How do I ensure the forms I’ve designed are published and will send out?

    • Gillian Kyriakidis says:

      Hi Aislinn,
      That’s a great point! You’ll need to customise your double opt-in and thank you page within your Flodesk account. To do this go into your account settings and go to “brand preferences”. In here you will be able to customise both your double email opt-in page, and the thank you page.
      I hope that answers your question.

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