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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

  1. Dibakar Bala says:

    Great in-depth article.
    Once, i asked Neil Patel about the length of a blog post. He said, one should never worry about word count. Rather, always write only as much as you need to write to explain the topic completely.
    I didn’t Listen to him, but now I know what he was trying to say. And he was absolutely correct about it.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks, Dibakar. Neil Patel definitely knows what he’s talking what when it comes to blogging and marketing and is a fantastic resource as well. I’m so glad you found my blog post so helpful!

  2. Inu Etc says:

    Hey Emily,

    Thanks for sharing this helpful and informative article.

    I’m a beginner blogger and It really helps me a lot.


    • Emily says:

      Glad you found this post so helpful! I understand. Being a new blogger can be overwhelming at times but stick with it, it’s very, very worth it!

  3. Love your article because you explained everything I needed to know, including things that I forgot to do while I was composing a blog post.

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