How to Connect with Your Audience on Instagram - Gillian Sarah


How to Connect with Your Audience on Instagram

How to Connect with Your Audience on Instagram

  1. […] questions on Instagram is a fantastic way to connect with your audience and learn more about them! Their answers can be a wonderful research tool for you to help you […]

  2. […] Casting too wide of an audience net sounds like a good idea when you’re eager to attract attention as you build your brand, but this is one mistake that needs to be corrected right away. You don’t want to appeal to too many people because your business isn’t meant to please everyone. Your personal brand should only attract people who have a genuine interest in what you say, what you share, and what you sell! Keep your keynotes, social media posts, and content focused on a specific group of people because the narrower your target demographic, the bigger your business becomes.  […]

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