Billionaire Blog Club/Dare to Conquer Review

  1. Amanda says:

    Great review! As a new blogger I am always looking to learn as much as possible! I will definitely take a look at BBC!

    • Emily says:

      Billionaire Blog Club is definitely worth it for new bloggers but like I said, it can be a lot of information thrown at you at once but the beauty of it is that you never have to buy another course as your blog evolves because it covers everything!

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Emily,

    Great post!!! I am a subscriber to Scrivs emails but have not joined BBC. I go back an forth on making the investment mainly because I have purchased so many courses already (serial course taker!). This was a really helpful review to get an inside look at BBC. Thanks for your honest thoughts and I am glad it’s working out well for you! Love the blog 🙂


    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much, Ashley! Oh, that’s awesome! I completely understand. Billionaire Blog Club does come with a hefty price tag and it’s tough to know if it’s really for you or not. I am really excited about the brand new upgrades though that are coming sometime in August that I’m sure you’ve heard Scrivs talk about. If you’re thinking about joining, I’d do it when Billionaire Blog Club opens for the last time July 27th. The upgrades that are coming are incredible and it’s definitely worth it!

  3. Sébastien says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This is a great article.

  4. Nyokaptoto says:


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