Best Affiliate Programs to make Money

Best Affiliate Programs to make Money

  1. lusekelo says:

    Great list but I would add Clickbank to that list, I think it is one of the best platforms especially for people who are just starting out.

  2. Smith says:

    Thanks for such great content, really appreciate this.

    If you don’t mind me asking you a relevant question that would be great and helpful.
    Actually I am an tech blogger who has so far worked with adsense and now when i feel like i have built up good number of traffic and followings i feel like i should start affiliate marketing.
    I have searched on engines for affiliate marketing tools for so long and all i got was bunch of expensive and complex ones.
    However there were companies like revglue that came up offering people free CMS affiliate tools for wordpress and they are also offering 100% commission which seems pretty attractive. I’ll try to share the link with you revglue(.)com/free-wordpress-plugins hope you can guide me through it or maybe suggest me something else as guide.

    • Gillian Kyriakidis says:


      I’ve personally never used a tool like revglue and when I looked on their website I was a bit confused on what it was actually used for. To honest, when you’re first starting out with affiliate marketing there’s no need to put money into anything. I just look for products I already use and I’m sure as a tech blogger you have a ton of things you use and just look to see if any of those products have an affiliate program. Most of the time they do. That’s where I’d recommend starting.

  3. I love this post ! i red your blog fairy often and you’re always
    cominig with some great stuff i shared this on my
    facebook and my followers loved it Keep up the good work :

  4. Hi Gillian
    Thanks for this amazing affiliate programs which accept beginners.
    I am a beginner too and I also look forward to seeing me as a successful affiliate marketer.

    • Gillian Kyriakidis says:

      Hey Tarun,
      I’m so happy to hear you found my affiliate marketing post so helpful for you!

  5. Awesome list! I’ve never heard of the Ultimate Bundles website before! Thanks!

    • Gillian Kyriakidis says:

      Thanks so much, Teya! The Ultimate Bundles are a really incredible company and have soo many options for affiliate marketers!!

  6. Hi Gillian,
    Thanks for this list. I like ShareASale a lot.
    I also use Impact, which has some great programs too.

    • Gillian Kyriakidis says:

      Thanks Jip,
      I’ll make sure to look into it and test it out over the next few weeks and see what I think. Always up for hearing about new programs!

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