We are always getting asked what we would recommend for websites, blogs and businesses. So here it is. Our curated list of our current favourites. and must-haves to run your website and business.


Tools, Resources and

our favourite resource

the template store

Are you looking to build your own website? Maybe you're just starting out and don't have the budget to hire a designer

 Look no further than our templates store!

Website templates to fit all businesses, AND full instructions on how to set-up and customise your new site. What could be better?

check it out

Grow Social



Blogging Must-Have Plugins

Pretty Links

Helps you rank your blog psots for keywords and lets you set Google titles and descriptions.

Makes sure any link changes within your blog are recorded and redirected.

Gives your readers the option to share your blog posts across their social medias

Controls your affiliate links and adds them into posts automatically (A MUST HAVE!)


Create by Mediavine

Tasty Pins

Clean Talk

Lets you hide Pinterest Pins within your blog posts so you can pin "rich" content easily.

Fantastic for creating recipe cards and "how-to" printables within blog posts.

Compresses your uploaded images so they don't take up too much space in your database.

Stops pretty much all spam within your blog and comments. Saves your email inbox.

Give Flodesk a go!

looking to skyrocket your digital marketing?

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try flodesk free for 30 days

the best lead capture and email marketing platform I have came across. It has templates for days and they are all to die for!

the latest Flodesk resources & education

are you building on Showit?

take a look through our latest Showit tutorials to help you out

show me more please

Showit Freebie?!

want to get your hands on a

Have you purchased one of our beautiful Showit website templates? Or maybe you are building your own website? Either way, no one likes a boring landing page!

We have put together this stunning freebie “coming soon” page so you can still gather leads, show off some of your portfolio, and redirect clients to your social media, all while you are building your dream website in the background.

the latest Pinterest resources & education

** Some of the links on this page are affiliate links! However I will never endorse something that I do not use myself and fully believe in! **