Our Barndominium Life

Occasionally I get the change to work with something amazing I've never even heard of. In this case, it was with Stacee Lynn and “Our Barndominiums Life”. When I first read it I was a little confused, what is a barndominium, and how do I build a website about them? A barndominium is a steel-framed building that consists of both storage and living areas. So for example, something that looks like a barn, contains a workshop, but also has a house in it. Pretty cool right? In Scotland, we don't have anything like these.  I was fascinated!

Together we built Our Barndominium Life a website where they can showcase all of their unique floor plan designs, host their lifestyle blog, and just spread general knowledge about barndominium living. This was built and designed on the Showit platform. A tool I absolutely love to use for all things blogging and design. Although it looks complicated with its multiple products and categories (which populate automatically I must add), the only tools used were Showit, WooCommerce and WordPress to achieve these functions.

I did love working with Stacee Lynn to create this beautiful site for her company. Like I say, I love learning new things and being given unique challenges. And my favourite part of all is seeing how it all comes together at the end of the project when we have a finished design all up and running. Now to figure out how I can build my own barndominium over here in Scotland…

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