Mayberry Meets Manhattan

Mayberry Meets Manhattan is a new lifestyle blog run by Carrie Porter. She lives in the town of Bentonville, Arkansas with her husband Clay and pupper Riley. Bentonville is also the home to the Walmart Corporation headquarters, making it for a very interesting town indeed. They mix big town living, with small town charm – the town Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show – Hence the name “Mayberry Meets Manhattan”.

Carrie has started her blog to give an insight into the town of Bentonville. She also plans on sharing her decor and DIY ideas, along side some fantastic health & wellness posts. She is definitely one to keep an eye on as she starts her journey into blogging!

We put together a stylish yet homely design to match her business name. The high class of the deep navy blue, with a checked pattern of a country living table cloth. We then drafted out a blog design on the platform Showit so we could create something that looks amazing and unique while still using a lot of the functionality of WordPress. Truly giving her a brand where Mayberry does in fact meet Manhattan.

You can view the Mayberry Meets Manhattan blog here

Mayberry Meets Manhattan Showit Blog

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