Hummingbird Journeys

Hummingbird Journeys is a faith-based online counselling service that helps women around the globe. Kareem Lee – Owner & Founder of Hummingbird Journeys – is a Jesus loving woman with a passion for helping others. I loved working with Kareem to build the perfect brand and website for her business. It shows off the friendliness and passion that goes into her work.

Kareem has also just started her podcast “Couch Conversations” through Hummingbird Journeys. Through this, she interviews “real women discussing real-life” to bring forward real-life issues and help others heal.

The inspiration for the Hummingbird Journeys brand came from Kareem's old logo. We took the existing hummingbird, simplified it and redrew it to make it a lot cleaner. We then added some additional detailing and packaged it up in a lovely oval-shaped icon. We then paired the icon with a beautiful font combination. The colours we chose are not only symbolic of a hummingbird, but they give across the warm and friendly feeling Kareem is looking for with her business. The detailing from her logo has also been applied throughout the website to make everything match perfectly.

This was such a fun project to take on. Not only because it's such a great feeling to help someone start up their dream business, but also because that dream business is going to help so many women around the world.

You can find Kareem at her website Hummingbird Journeys where you can also see her new brand in action, or you can follow her podcast “Couch Conversations.”


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