House on Louise Meadow

Charity of House on Louise Meadow reached out to us a while ago, and we've been so excited to work with her ever since. She wanted a unique design for her new blog. Since Charity is a home decor & DIY blogger, we knew it was important that the design of her website reflect the same feelings you'd get when visiting her in person.

We always start our designs by coming up with a colour palette. We used the colour swatches from images of her home as our starting point for creating her website design. From there we chose fonts and created a logo to build out her site.

We created a layout that was functional yet simple, allowing her readers to jump right into the content on her blog posts. We kept things very clean and simple by using lots of white space and using soft neutrals for any background colour so that her photos really pop on the page.

View the House on Louise Meadow website here!

Tell me a bit about your business and what brought you to start it in the first place?

I’ve always had a love for home decor and design, but it wasn’t until my oldest child finished high school that I realized that my children were growing up and didn’t need me in the ways they used to. After spending 19 years of my life taking care of everyone else it was time that I do something for myself, so House on Louise Meadow was started.

What is one lesson that you wish you knew from the beginning?

I wish I would’ve known how much work it would take and the time it takes to be successful. It takes consistency, but also the importance of learning balance.

What was your “AH-HA” moment that made you take the plunge into this business?

Just realizing that after all these years of designing and creating for my own family, others want to be inspired to do the same for themselves.

Out of all the amazing designers out there, why did you decide to work with us?

I had seen your work through my other IG friends blogs and was very impressed with your work! (Kelly and Bethany – @seasonsofmyhome) I wanted to start my own blog and was referred to you by Kelly @citygirlmeetsfarmboy.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

Your patience and knowledge. You were always prompt with responding and any questions or changes that I had.

House on Louise Meadow website mock up for new home decor blog design

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