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“The website is a complete view of me, my style and how it represents who I am. I feel like it's given my followers a great representation of my brand and makes them feel welcomed into my home.” – Deborah Bitton – Hip & Humble Style

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There is nothing I enjoy more than snooping round beautiful interiors (come on, we all do it!). And that's exactly what I got when working with Deborah Bitton from “Hip & Humble Style“. Not only does she have a gorgeous house, but she seems to be queen of the DIY projects. Seriously, some of the things I've seen would put Pinterest to shame! Along with this, Deborah also offers E-Design services. What's that you ask? She offers interior design consultation over the internet. This means that anyone, anywhere, can have a home as beautiful as Hip & Humble Style. AMAZING!

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“I wanted a pretty and simple look that was interactive and makes the reader want to stay and view all the pages. Soft neutral colours that represent my brand, style and flows nicely with photographs. A pretty, readable font with a unique style to compliment the layout as well. I also want people to know about me and feel welcomed as if they were being entertained in my home.” – Deborah Bitton

We wanted to put together a blog design that both matched Deborah's style, and was easy to use. We when for simple white with navy-grey accents, and a hint of green and leaf detailing to match her dining table which always has a feature plant, or bouquet of flowers on it.

Working with Deborah was amazing, she is so driven and has a clear vision for where she wants to take her business.


“The feedback I've received has been amazing and my followers are enjoying their experience on the website as well as the blog. Gillian did an amazing job fulfilling all my requests beyond my imagination and brought my whole vision to life.” – Deborah Bitton – Hip & Humble Style

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