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Healthy Little Vittles

Working with Gillian was the absolute best experience! She nailed my style and created a website that I've had in my mind for a long time (with failed attempts from other designers!). Gillian was patient with all of the changes I wanted to make, and she is so knowledgeable! She not only helped my site look amazing, she backed it up with seo driven elements that has already increased my blog traffic in the couple of days it has been published! I can't praise and recommend Gillan Sarah enough. Her prices are FANTASTIC, she works so quickly, and she goes above and beyond. If you're looking for a new website design, Gillian Sarah is 100% my top pick 🙂

Gina Fontana – Healthy Little Vittles

I am so excited about the relaunch of the “Healthy Little Vittles” blog design after working hard with Gina to give her blog a facelift using our Tiffany blog template. We have put in a lot of effort to make the blog more visually appealing and user-friendly, and I can't wait for the readers to see the new design. The new layout is more modern and easy to navigate, and the color scheme and imagery really pops. It was great fun working with Gina on this, but staring at those gorgeous food images all week… man am I hungry.

An interview with Gina:

Tell me a bit about your business and what brought you to start it in the first place?

I started my blog as a way to help other people transition into a gluten-free lifestyle. It was really hard for me, and I knew there had to be other people with the same struggle, so I wanted to create recipes that tasted great without gluten to provide some sense of hope that enjoying flavorful food was still possible! Starting a blog was also a way to hold myself accountable. If I was cooking food for my blog to share, I was also eating it 😉 I would have never dreamed that I would be able to turn my “hobby” into a business and I'm so incredibly grateful I took the plunge and made it happen!

What is one lesson that you wish you knew from the beginning?

There is SO MUCH that I've learned over the years… I would say finding someone you trust, like Gillian, to help you from the get-go would have been the best thing I could have done. I did most of it myself and thought it was “good enough” but working with a web designer showed me I really didn't know what I was doing LOL It makes the biggest difference to have a polished website right from the get-go.

What was your “AH-HA” moment that made you take the plunge into this business?

When I realized that I could help people and also make money to help support my growing family, I was all in. It has been the biggest blessing for me to be able to do what I love, have a creative outlet all the while staying at home with my kids while contributing financially to our family.

Out of all the amazing designers out there, why did you decide to work with us?

I have had a few bad experiences in the past with designers. None of them were able to really capture my style and what I envisioned in my head, so I attempted to do my best on my own. As my business grew, I was outgrowing my own capabilities and knew it was time to reach out for help to someone more experienced. I asked my followers to recommend a web designer and I knew immediately after looking at Gillian's templates that they would be able to create exactly what I was looking for…. and I was right! Gillian is the best!

What was your favourite part of the design process?

I LOVED seeing the new design come along- just seeing my content portrayed in the best way that was clean, updated, stylish, and also great for SEO! I also loved working with Gillian! She is so kind, patient, knowledgeable and personable! She's the best at what she does and I'm so grateful to have connected with her!

Healthy Little Vittles Recipe Blog Design
Healthy Little Vittles Recipe Blog Design
Healthy Little Vittles Recipe Blog Design
Healthy Little Vittles Recipe Blog Design
Healthy Little Vittles Recipe Blog Design
Healthy Little Vittles Recipe Blog Design

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