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“Gillian is a real pro and she goes above and beyond to create a website that really reflects your brand”– David Cetin

David Cetin came to us looking for a website refresh. After some discussion, we decided our semi-custom website design service was perfect for him. David is a fine art wedding photographer based in Sweden who works throughout Europe. Together we have designed the perfect website for his business and we did it together in only one week starting from our Verona Showit Template! Read all about his business and experience below.

David Cetin Showit Template Customization
Showit Verona Template Customization David Cetin

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Tell me a bit about your business and what brought you to start it in the first place?

I am a fine art wedding photographer who serves couples with soulful, authentic and timeless photographs. I'm all about telling unique love stories and serve my clients to get the wedding experience they dream about. I first came in contact with wedding photography when I got married to my lovely wife. I observed other photographers and thought to myself; That must be the best job in the world. When I later got the chance to photograph my first wedding, there was no looking back.

What is one lesson that you wish you knew from the beginning?

Think less, and do more. It is so easy to overthink things when you're just starting out. But rather you should focus on learning the craft and finding your voice. It takes passion, patience, dedication and hard work. There are no shortcuts or magic recipes.

If you could travel to your dream location to shoot a luxury wedding, where would it be?

There are so many places I can think of. But I have to say the Amalfi Coast, Italy… or Bali.

Out of all the amazing designers out there, why did you decide to work with us?

I received a tip in a Facebook group that there's this great high-end website designer called Gillian. After writing with Gillian there was no doubt in my mind that she was the right person for the job. She guided me through the whole process of creating a new website and left no questions marks to be answered. She also understood the vision I had for the website from the very beginning.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

I love that she dedicated a whole week to my website only. Thanks to this she was able to give me quick answers and feedback on everything. Gillian is a real pro and she goes above and beyond to create a website that really reflects your brand. In a matter of 4 days, she had created this amazing, minimalist and very high-end feel website that was ready to launch on day 5. If you're looking to rebrand or want a professional and high-end website, talk to Gillian. She will create the most beautiful designs.



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