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want to organise your entire life?

Ever heard of Trello? It is possibly the most amazing free app I use in my entire business!!

Build boards and organise your clients, products, launches, social media, anything you want! All in one hand location. Best thing yet, it syncs between your internet browser, desktop app, and phone, so you can use it anywhere!!

3 free clients please!!

Ace that client workflow!

How long does it take for you to process a new client? You chat with them about their requirements, dig out and personalise their contract, write up an invoice, send them over a questionnaire... It's an event in itself! NOT ANYMORE!! This piece of software has literally changed my business. I can process a client in about a minute, and all of their information is saved in the same place.

I cannot praise this software enough! Give it go, the link below will give you 3 free clients with no time limit, see how it works for you. And if you do decide to subscribe, you will save 20% with this link!

what's on my desk

This is a question I am asked constantly by clients and other creatives. Here is a little insight to the tools that keep my business running.

My MacBook Pro

My Digital Camera

The Wacom tablet I use for my hand illustrations

the best thing ever - my passion planner

The Gold Iphone 8 PLus

My favourite pens

The sketchbook where ideas are born

The greatest mouse ever

my laptop stand

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