Tea enthusiast & cat lover

Meet Gillian

Hi I'm Gillian, and my job is to work alongside you to create mind-blowing logos, branding, booklets and website designs. I live, breathe and do all things graphic design and branding. I am driven by the aim to help clients create messages that bring unique visibility and distinction to their brands and companies.
Let me help bring your business vision to life!








Weekly Coffee Requirements

black with two sugars please


pen theif and box lover

This is Bailey

Hi I'm Bailey! I like to help out by putting away post-it-notes, tidying up cables, and giving my input on all video calls. When I am not contributing to the design work at Gillian Sarah, you can find me sitting in cardboard boxes, screaming for no reason what-so-ever. I love to parade around the office and I have to be in the same room as mum at all times otherwise I get sad.

favourite food:

Favourite Toy:

Tuna pouches

Purple Mousey

favourite Hobby:

Singing VERY loudly