Strategic Blog Design That Drives Results

The look and feel of your website hold the key to your success as a blogger. If your website is done well, then you’ll enjoy more visitors, more conversions, and, ultimately, more profit. Plus, it’ll just feel right. 

Your personal brand is just that — personal. A cookie-cutter won’t cut the mustard when you’re trying to convey your spirit and essence to your audience. Only a personalised approach can do that.

Gillan Sarah:
Here to Help You

Here at Gillian Sarah, we offer the strategic website design you need to take your online business to the next level. We’ll work with you to conceptualise a visual brand that’s authentic, modern, and effective, and then get to work on turning that concept into a nuts-and-bolts website.

We’ve worked with many happy customers in the past and would love to meet with you to make your goals come true.

How We Can Help You?

It’s not easy putting your essence into words. It’s even more difficult to put your essence into a website. That’s where we come in. 

We offer custom website design for bloggers and influencers such as yourself, allowing you to have a website that speaks to who you are — and which also speaks to your audience.

Stand Out From the Crowd

It is difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The key to getting your voice heard is to offer something that no one else offers. 

When you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your website has been tailor-made with your personal brand firmly at the forefront of the design process.

A Custom Website For a Unique Blog Experience

Our standard website package can help you to achieve all of those goals and more. Our standard package includes:

  • Fully custom, built-from-scratch Showit website
  • Showit set-up
  • WordPress blog set-up
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Basic SEO
  • Favicon designed, set-up, and added to the site.
  • Google Analytics set-up.
  • Live Instagram feed integration.

The end result of this process is a website that offers a unique brand experience that’s very much in line with the needs and goals of both you and your clients.

Starting from £2,700

Good website design can have a transformative effect on your blossoming career as an influencer or blogger. It can help you to have more confidence in your operation, connect more easily with existing and prospective partners, and all-around function as a springboard that can help you take your new career to new heights.

Optional Add-ons:

Our optional add-ons include:

We are also pleased to make a host of optional add-ons available to clients on an as-needed basis.

Get the perfect logo and brand design for your Blog

Branded materials to help you secure partnerships

Sell your products directly to your audience through your website

Custom email opt-in creation and set-up

Website Copy for getting the right words for your brand on every single page


media kit

online store

email opt-in


Add as much or as little as you need to get the website of your dreams that perfectly aligns with your goals.

How We Work

We believe in collaboration. After all, the more we help each other, the easier it is for us all to reach the top. Our working process is built on respect, communication, and collaboration. 

Our company isn’t a vehicle for us to bring our own wants and needs into the world. It’s a vehicle to bring your wants and needs into the world.

A - You Love

The end result will be the same,
you will have a website that:

We understand that there are many aspects to creating the perfect website. And happily, we understand what it takes to hit each of those aspects out of the park.

B - Your Audience Loves

C - Drives Results

A Collaborative Process

At the beginning of our journey working together, we’ll take the time to get to know who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. You can bring as many of your own ideas to the table as you’d like, or you can give us a vague outline of what you’re looking for.

Why Hire Us For Strategic Website Design

Get It Done Right

Get results

Enhance Your Brand

There are worse things than having a website that isn’t *quite* right. But not many. When you hire Gillian Sarah, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a website that works perfectly in line with your vision for your brand.

A website shouldn’t just look pretty. It should get results. Once your custom-made website is done, dusted, and online, you’ll begin to reap the rewards of your investment — and those rewards will be coming your way for years to come.

You’ll have more pressing things to do than focus on your website. By handing the heavy lifting over to us, you’ll have the time, space, and energy you need to focus on other value-adding tasks that’ll push your career forward.

Get a Semi-Custom Website For a Fast Launch

If you’re looking for something a little faster, then consider our semi-custom website service. That’ll allow you to get a website that works for you up and running in no time at all. 

Here’s how it works. We have a selection of predesigned Showit templates available for purchase. Once you’ve chosen the one that’s right for you, one of our team will work their magic to ensure that it’s fully in line with your brand and personality.

Starting from £1,200

Within the space of a week, you’ll have a great website ready to unveil to the world and ultimately grow your blogger/influencer career.

Get in contact with us and let's perfect your personality.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to begin your journey towards a superior web presence for your personal brand? Great. So are we. We've worked with thousands of happy clients in the past and would love to help you overcome your digital challenges and grow your brand.

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Semi-Custom FAQ

With your semi-custom experience, you select one of our pre-designed website templates from our collection. We will replace all the copy and images with what you have provided in the shared folder, and we will alter the colours and fonts to match your branding. The template layout will stay the same, but we can tweak elements to make it truly yours.

what is semi-custom?

We use the platform Showit for all of our semi-custom launches. It's a super user-friendly drag and drop platform that is easy to navigate once we get you up and running. So any future changes you will be able to manage yourself. You will need a Showit subscription for this, we will set it up together on day 1 of your experience.

What platform do you use for this?

No worries, once I learn a bit more about your business, I'll make a few suggestions to help you narrow it down. Remember it's the layout that's important, as we are going to change all the colours and images.

I don't know what template to pick!

No worries at all. If you already have a logo then of course we can use it throughout your project. If you have any other branding please send it to us before the project begins and we can make sure to include it all. If you have specific colour codes, let us know the numbers so we can match them exactly throughout your website.

I already have a logo

Not at all. If you wish to build your website yourself you can head on over to our template store, purchase a template and do it all at your own pace. We've got a full video playlist to walk you through everything if you've got the time to dedicate to it.

Do I have to hire you to do this?

We have found this process works amazing for photographers, bloggers and coaches (and many other businesses!). I would not recommend this for businesses with large online stores, or anyone who wants custom features coded into their website. Our custom package would be so much better for that.

Will this work for me?

With your fully-custom experience, we build your website from a completely blank canvas. We structure it directly for your business so it suits your needs exactly. We out lot's of time and effort into selecting very specific fonts and colours that compliment you and your brand perfectly. We tweak every single detail to make sure it just what you need.

what is fully-custom?

Not a problem at all! We research you, your content, and your target market, so we have a fantastic idea of what will work really well! 

I don't really know how I want my new website to look

This is yet to happen with any of our blogger clients, but we will always work with you to create something you love. If you don't like where something is headed, just let us know and we will switch it up until you are totally in love with it!

what if i don't like what you design?

We do have a handy content guide to help you out with this. However we realise not everyone is up for this task. We have an in-house copywriter that can assist you, just let us know before your project begins and this can be added in for you.

Do I have to write all of my website content?

Fully-Custom FAQ

General FAQ

We understand a new website can be a large investment. Which is why we offer interest free payment plans for all of our products. With the semi-custom option we offer a 3 month payment plan, this will have to be paid off before we begin. For our fully custom options we offer a 6 month payment plan, this does not have to be paid in full before you launch.

Tell me about payment plans

As we work mainly with influencers, we do not accept unpaid partnerships. However we do have a referral policy in place where you get a commission for every client you refer to us. A lot of influencers make back their investment at their launch through promotion of their new website.

i have a large following, can we collaborate?