Pack This Journal

“OH MY goodness, I love it so much I could cry!!! You have done such a phenomenal job with such detail. I love it so much!” – Danielle Nelson, Creator of Pack This Journal

Pack This Journal helps its customers hold together a lifetime of travel memories in one of their beautifully bound travel journals. Available in either vegan leather, or spiral bound (or even a kids version!), your Pack this Journal is not only good looking, but handy to bring on your travels everywhere you go!

When Danielle first approached me about a new website I was extremely excited! She wanted something that was gender neutral and still looked amazing. Now if you are familiar with my work, you'll know it tends to be a little more feminine, but I was up for the challenge. The first thing I did was select a colour palette and fonts. Instantly I got the feeling of natural, travel adventures that were suitable for all ages and genders. Then we moved onto the layout, concentrating highly on the product layout making sure everyone could easily read and see all the information about these amazing journals.

This project was so much fun to work with and gave me such wanderlust while designing it. I would strongly recommend this as a perfect gift for anyone with the travel bug! It's a nice change from just having a selection of Instagram pictures to remember your trip by.


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