Jennifer Council Photography

“She always found a way to take all the jumbled thoughts I had and make them into something beautiful and organized.” – Jennifer Council

I have loved working with Jenn so much to create a brand new online home for her business. Her images are so bright, airy and feminine, and we felt her site had to represent that. With pink and pastel tones throughout it almost seems to soothe you as you scroll. Being a complete nerd, my favourite features of her website are in the tiny details. The buttons on her site have such unique detailing with thin cut-outs and indents for arrows, and there are delicate line details and diamond icons on hover details which tie everything together perfectly.

Jennifer Council Photography provides Wedding & Portrait Photography sessions to those in and around the Indianapolis area and serves her clients with so much heart. She loves to work with natural light and create beautiful works of art for couples madly in love.

Tell me a bit about your business and what brought you to start it in the first place?

In college I was an art major and during my entry-level courses I found myself always choosing photography as my preferred format to complete projects. I fell in love with the darkroom and became obsessed with collecting old cameras. As a kid, I was fascinated by weddings and was definitely that little girl who dreamt of her big day. I thought for years I would be a wedding florist but after combining all my strength and weaknesses l am positive I found my perfect fit. I have a bachelors degree in photography and have been shooting weddings ever since.

What is one lesson that you wish you knew from the beginning?

How to market myself better. I have worked for some the biggest photographers in the industry and have learned so much from internships and second shooting but I always just took work from other people and didn't invest in just doing things completely on my own.

What was your “AH-HA” moment that made you take the plunge into this business?

I had an internship my senior year of college at a photography studio that did everything from newborns, seniors, weddings, videography, family, business headshots…etc and she taught me everything and trained me both technically and artistically on how to capture a wedding day. I was so fortunate to have an inside look into the business and when the internship was over I came on board with them full time for three years. I loved every minute of it and she gave me the critical foundation I needed to get a jump in this industry. I owe her so much and my connecting I made during that time have continued to push me forward in this industry.

Out of all the amazing designers out there, why did you decide to work with us?

I looked into designers FOREVER and asked so many people for recommendations. I can not remember now who recommended you but you were the most professional, and best priced. I needed a true professional to get the job done. I did the pay a friend $500 things for a website a few years ago and have been picking up the straggles ever since. I wanted to make a beautiful investment but I also did not want to feel like I was taking out a second mortgage to do that. I wanted someone who had lots of experience with Showit because I knew that was the platform to be for wedding photography. Gillian send me a voice recording response right after I inquired and she was out on a date… I thought that spoke volumes that she took a minute to step away and respond. I was sold right there.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

Her videos!! I loved getting my videos that showed the progress and she would walk through everything with such details. The videos really helped us be on the same page. She always found a way to take all the jumbled thoughts I had and make them into something beautiful and organized.


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