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Meet Gillian

Hey Everyone! I'm Gillian Sarah, a Branding and Web Designer for small business creatives. I work my hardest to develop heartfelt brands for creative business owners like yourself. My passion is helping businesses to grow, and inspiring creative women. I do this through great attention to detail, and some rather cheesy videos that keep you at ease throughout the entire design process.

I've been lucky enough to work with women all over the world - Scotland, America, Canada, Australia, and even China! I've even flown all the way to Arizona to assist Showit with website consultations at their annual "United" conference as one of their Design Partners.

After spending 6 years of my life in a not-so-fun oil industry job, I decided it was time to start building the life I really wanted. It was terrifying, but it was the best decision I ever made. Now I get to spend my days amongst powerful entrepreneurs who empower each other. I would recommend it to anyone and every one!

When I'm not building businesses and video chatting with my lovely clients, I can most likely be found in Starbucks, hanging out with my gorgeous baby Anthony, or chasing the cats around while talking to them like they are real children *sorry not sorry*.

weekly coffee requirements




Oh... what's that? Oh yes, it's mine! See that too, it's also mine. Even that over there, mine. I'm sorry, you think that's yours? Well it's actually mine!

I brought you the brush, that means you must brush me now. I don't understand why you have to talk to clients, am I not enough for you?

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[ yes, I'm the kind of girl who writes bios for her cats ]

[ overly professional cat headshots provided by Dean Gray ]


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I've had the joy of presenting for & being featured in the following:

"Gillian has been a speaker at our virtual summit for the past two years. When she applied the second time, it was an absolute no brainer for us. She consistently over delivers and always meets deadlines and all requirements. She is a joy to collaborate with and we would highly recommend you consider her for any speaking opportunity."

- Jenny Suneson + Lindsey Aleson of Uplevel Your Biz

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