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Day One   We arrived in Amsterdam, dropped everything off at the hotel, and tried to figure out the tram system to get ourselves into the city centre. Hat’s off to Helen who did most of the figuring out the entire trip (because my GPS on my phone is a little off and also because […]

BY Gillian Paterson | September 27, 2019 | Featured

Amsterdam – Our Summer Vacation

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Let’s be honest, my business is based heavily on stock images. You don’t honestly think I take all of these beautiful photographs on my website, social media and website templates do you? That would be hundreds of hours of work at a skill level I simply don’t have. I use approximately 25 images a month […]

BY Gillian Paterson | September 4, 2019 | Business

Stock Image Resources to Boost your Business

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  As you are probably aware by now, one of my favourite business resources is Audible by Amazon. There is just something about being able to sit and draw up website concepts while listening to a book. Not only does it make me feel like I’m being super productive, but I’m also learning and expanding […]

BY Gillian Paterson | August 31, 2019 | Business

My Top Summer Book Picks

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  When Emma Davis first approached me and asked about my branding services, I was very excited. Not only is she based in the UK, but she’s been in business for over 17 years! WOW! Not only is she well experienced in her field of work, but she is also just such a delightful person. […]

BY Gillian Paterson | August 28, 2019 | Brand Reveal

Emma Davis – Branding Launch